Day 1. Arrival. 

Our representatives will meet you at Lviv International Airport (LWO) and transfer you to the 3-star hotel we have reserved for you. We will select a standard double or single room (depending on how many people are traveling) in one of the following hotels based on availability:


Reikartz Dworzec Hotel

Reikartz Medievale Hotel

Eurohotel Superior 


Day 2. “The Labyrinths of the Lviv Streets” Tour.

Your guide will meet you at the hotel to start your first Lviv tour - The Labyrinths of the Lviv streets. This is a pedestrian tour that will last a total of 4 hours. Everything breathes antiquity here, and it seems you have traveled back in time. You will visit City Town Hall, Italian court, the gothic 14th century Latin Cathedral, and the Chapel of Biomes. The Armenian Cathedral, with three courtyards, is a place that enchants travelers of all confessions. It is one of the most ancient monuments of Lviv. The Pharmacy Museum drugstore was built in 1735. It is the oldest pharmacy in Lviv. Lviv's Theater of Opera and Ballet is truly an architectural masterpiece; it is considered one of the most luxurious theaters of Europe. A grandeur and perfection of the building will strike your imagination. During your Lviv tour, you will feel that magic is everywhere; and, we hope, discover for yourself the real beauty of this old city. 


Latin Cathedral Lviv Opera House Lviv 


Day 3. Free Day. 

Today you will have a chance to explore the city on your own. 


Day 4. "Place of Paradise Calm" Tour. 

Olesko Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Eastern Europe. It is a place protected by Bogdan Khmel'nickiy, the first leader of the resistance movement to the Polish colonization of the Dnieper region. It is also a place where future Polish King Jan III Sobeskiy was born. The history of many countries and legends about love surround the Olesko Castle. It is rumored to be inhabited by ghosts. Pochaev Dormition Lavra is one of the most important orthodox sacred objects of Ukraine. To see a reflection of Divine Mother, wash your face in the holy water and admire an ancient castle, is not all that awaits you here; there is a lot more to expect. Kremenec is considered Ukrainian Venice and pearl of the Volhyn region. We will visit City Council, Bogoyavlenskiy Cathedral, Nikolaevskiy Cathedral, and a museum. Surrounded by massive stone walls, the medieval castle hides secrets which you, with a little stroke of luck, could unriddle! This Lviv tour lasts a total of 8 hours. 


Olesko Castle


Olesko Castle Lviv Olesko Castle inside


Day 5. Free Day.

Today you will have a chance to explore the city on your own. 


Day 6. Free Day.

Today you will have a chance to explore the city on your own. 


Day 7. Departure. 

Breakfast. Free time. Our representatives will transfer you to the airport for your flight back home.


St. George Cathedral Lviv











Daily all-year-round 



Any tour is customizable



 Individual Tour
 Accommodations in a 3-star hotel 
 Breakfast at the hotel
 Airport round-trip transfer
 The Labyrinths of Lviv Streets Tour
 Place of Paradise Calm Tour 
 English guide services 
 24 hour concierge services 
 Fees and taxes included



City Town Hall
Italian Court
Latin Cathedral
Chapel of Biomes
Armenian Cathedral
Pharmacy Museum
Theater of Opera and Ballet
Olesco Castle
Pochaev Dormition Lavra
City Council
Bogoyavlenskiy Cathedral
Nikolaevskiy Cathedral


Price starts from:

1 person: $1,599.00
2 people: $1,999.00
3 people: $3,599.00
4 people: $3,999.00
5 people: $5,559.00
6 people: $5,999.00



Please note that airfare, lunch/dinner, and personal expenses such as souvenirs are excluded from the tour.



Assistance with airfare purchase upon request 


Hotel Upgrade:

Please contact us to upgrade to a four or five star hotel close to downtown Lviv. 







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