Day 1. Arrival. 

Our representatives will meet you at Odessa International Airport (ODS) and transfer you to the 3-star hotel we have reserved for you. We will select a standard double or single room (depending on how many people are traveling) in one of the following hotels based on availability:


Ayvazovsky Hotel

Royal Street Hotel

Geneva Resort Hotel


Day 2. "Around Odessa" Tour.

You will be taken on the first Odessa tour to get acquainted with the main historic and cultural sights of this unique city. Around Odessa Tour will last a total of 2.5 hours.
You will be driven past the elaborately designed Railway Station to Kulikovo Pole field where a quick stop will be made for taking pictures. Then you will take a stroll through Shevchenko Park, where a grand monument to the Unknown Sailor is set. We will continue with a walk down the main pedestrian street- Deribasovskaya, brimmed with cute shops and cafes of all kinds. You can literally spend hours in the City Garden, moving between the stalls with locally produced handicraft. The tour will continue to Primorsky Boulevard, city's most cherished landmark, including the gigantic Potemkin Steps, the graceful City Hall and the magnificent Opera House. This area of downtown will be explored on foot, so that you can enjoy these sights close up. We will visit Archaeological Museum, that holds interesting artifacts found in the northern Black Sea region. Also, you will have plenty of time to explore the Uspensky Monastery which contains the relics of St. Andrew the First-Called. There is also an excellent icon museum on the monastery’s territory. 


Theater of Opera and Ballet Odessa Duke de Richelieu monument Odessa


Day 3. Free Day.

Today you will have a chance to explore the city on your own. 


Day 4. "Criminal Odessa" Tour. 

The second Odessa tour is Criminal Odessa that will last a total of 2.5 hours. This tour could be one of the most intriguing experiences of your lifetime. During this excursion you will have a chance to see places in Odessa connected with the biographies of famous criminals, find out about their lives and heritage they have left for us. You will explore a historical part of Odessa developed by raiders, pirates, and criminals of the 1800s. You will hear epic stories of Mikhail Vinnitsky, the legendary criminal of Odessa, also widely known as Mishka Yaponchik or Benya Krik. This famous criminal lived in the early 20th century and was said to have once robbed the audience at the Odessa opera House in just thirty minutes. His personality was so immensely popular that Odessa writer Isaac Babel used him as a prototype for his famous novel. You will learn how the thieves and raiders used underground tunnels to reach almost all parts of Odessa to transport stolen goods. Just imagine that these port streets were once filled with bandits, pirates and hidden treasure. Much different now than before, of course, this part of Odessa still retains its historical feel. Criminal Odessa tour is definitely worth visiting! 


Son'ka the Golden Hand and Mishka Yaponchik


Day 5. Free Day.

Today you will have a chance to explore the city on your own. 


Day 6. "Akkerman Fortress" Tour. 

Located just 80 km outside Odessa, there is a city called Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. As you drive, you will enjoy the spectacular views of the picturesque Ukrainian countryside. The history of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky starts in the 6th century BC, when Milesian colonists founded a settlement named “Tyras” which later came under Roman and Byzantine rule. The Byzantines built the fortress and named it “Asprocastron”, a name deriving from the local Turkic word for "white" after the appearance of the shoreline with its high content of white animal shells. In 1391, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky was incorporated into the principality of Moldavia, and for the next century it became a major port and an important fortress, serving as the capital of Tara de Jos, one of the two divisions of Moldavia. In 1484, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky was the last of the Black Sea port’s to be conquered by the Ottomans. It was established as the fortress of “Akkerman”, part of the Ottoman defensive system. Major battles between the Ottomans and the Russians were fought near Belgorod-Dnestrovsky in 1770 and 1789. Akkerman Fortress survived countless wars including the Nazi invasion of Germany of 1941. With huge thick walls built on ocean cliffs, it magnificently towers over the Black Sea. Once inside the fort, you will have a chance to explore its courtyards and towers, and learn about the historic importance of this old fortress. Truly a breathtaking sight, it might very well be the highlight of your Odessa trip. This Odessa tour will last 6 hours.


Akkerman Fortress Odessa Entrance to the Akkerman Fortress with tourists walking around


Day 7. Departure. 

Breakfast. Free time. Transfer to the airport for your flight back home.

Akkerman Fortress Ukraine










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 Individual Tour 
 Accommodations in a 3-star hotel 
 Breakfast at the hotel
 Airport round-trip transfer
 Around Odessa Tour
 Criminal Odessa Tour
 Akkerman Fortress Tour
 English guide services
 24 hour concierge services 
 Fees and taxes included



Deribasovskaya Street
Kulikovo Pole
Potemkin Steps
Potemkin Monument
Shevchenko Park
City Garden
Primorsky Boulevard
Opera House
Archaeological Museum
Uspensky Monastery
City Hall
Criminal Odessa stories
Akkerman Fortress


Price starts from:

1 person: $2,239.00
2 people: $2,799.00
3 people: $5,039.00
4 people: $5,599.00
5 people: $7,839.00
6 people: $8,399.00



Please note that airfare, lunch/dinner, and personal expenses such as souvenirs are excluded from the tour. 



Assistance with airfare purchase upon request 


Hotel Upgrade:

Please contact us to upgrade to a four or five star hotel close to downtown Odessa. 















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